Nanjing University Program

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Preparation and Planning

UO Chinese Flagship scholars work with their department adviser(s) to determine the appropriate timing and course enrollment for their capstone year (junior, senior, or super-senior years). The capstone year is designed for advanced-level students who are committed to developing proficiency in Chinese at the "Superior" level (ILR 3/3+). This unique study abroad experience combines academic study, service learning, and a four-month professional internship. Application and orientation to the Flagship capstone year program is coordinated through the UO Flagship office.

Nanjing Flagship Center

A semester at Nanjing University [1]is the first stage of Flagship students intensive, nine-month immersion in China. Participants may begin the Nanjing program in either September or February. Students take regular courses in subjects that match their interests and major field of studies, learning side-by-side with Nanjing University peers.

The 4 ½-month program at Nanjing University consists of daily private tutorials and intensive small-group instruction. Participants also enroll directly in regular Nanjing University courses alongside Chinese students.
  • Nanjing Flagship Center conducts new student orientations, registration support, coordinates roommate placement, and arranges various travel excursions, volunteer, and research related opportunities
  • Nanjing is a city of 5 million people with three Nanjing campus options Gulou, Pukou, and 大学场. The Flagship office is located on the Gulou campus, in the center of Nanjing. Nanjing Flagship Center Curriculum
  • Students use the NJU Flagship office to meet with tutors, as a study space, and for personal cultural or coming by to chat. We have seen students make progress in many areas, including Chinese language, cultural understanding, and socialization with both American and Chinese classmates. We have also become like a small family, with just sixteen students in the program this semester.
Flagship Nanjing Center
Zhang Qin Laoshi
Director, Chinese Flagship Program Nanjing Center
Room 406, Zeng Xian Zi Building, Nanjing University
22 Hankou Road, Nanjing 210093, P.R. of China
Tel: +86-25-83596112, 83596355
Fax: +86-25-83596355

Nanjing Service Learning Program

The Nanjing Center actively supports student involvement in local community service. Opportunities include the YMCA, animal shelters, a Migrant Worker’s school, a school for the blind, a community center/school for disabled students, tutoring centers, and hospitals. Most students perform community service weekly, the work gives students an opportunity to step outside the classroom and use their language skills to communicate and teach, while also contributing to their host city and learning more about Chinese culture and society.

Nanjing the CITY/CULTURE

Nanjing has a rich culture and history, having been the capital of China during 10 different dynasties, has many famous tourist spots, including Nanjing Museum, former government headquarters, Confucius Temple 夫子廟, famous Buddhist temples 朝天宮, historical mausoleums of Nanjing, the Sun Yat Sun Mausoleum(中山陵), Zhu Yuan Zhang Mausoleum(明孝陵), China Gate 中華門, and the Nanjing Massacre Memorial. There are also many beautiful parks and lakes to explore including Purple Mountain, Jinniu Hu, and Xuanwu. For those who want a taste of Chinese sports, the local Jaingsu soccer teams plays a lively game at the Olympic stadium.