Capstone Credit Articulation

Students planning to study abroad must complete the GEO study abroad application for Chinese Flagship Program Capstone Year in China prior to departure. This application allows the UO Office of the Registrar to register you for study abroad “placeholder” credit. Study abroad credit registration is required in order to receive financial aid, scholarships, and UO credit.

All coursework completed at Nanjing University or Beijing Union University during the Capstone year will be articulated onto students’ UO transcripts. All students must be enrolled at a level equivalent to full-time at the University of Oregon. Nanjing/Beijing course credits are on the semester system, and UO credit equivalency can be found by multiplying the Nanjing credits by 1.5. For example, 3 credits at Nanjing University would receive 5 (rounded from 4.5) UO credits. Students need to register for at least 36 total UO credits for the entire year. This means that students should register for a minimum of 14 Nanjing University credits during the semester of study, and complete at least 640 hours of internship work (40 hours x 16 weeks).

All coursework will be evaluated by program instructors at Nanjing University. The grades received from Nanjing will be the grades placed on students’ UO transcript. Please address any grading issues with the on-site coordinator or faculty before leaving the country.

Overseas courses may be taken for pass/no pass credit with prior approval from a GEO program coordinator. If you would like to change one or more of your classes to Pass/No Pass, you must email your request to before 70% of the course in question is completed. Requests to change a class back to graded must also be made before this deadline. Undergraduate students need to earn a grade of C- or better to receive a pass. For more information about pass/no pass requests, please contact Michelle Cruz at Students should check with their home department regarding limitations on pass/no pass credit for their degree.

Students should keep all coursework completed abroad in order to determine course credit once they return from Capstone. Use the Course Description Form to document your coursework for credit articulation.


Credit Articulation

During the study abroad experience, students are registered for placeholder credits on DuckWeb. Upon returning from study abroad, students should complete the following steps to process their credit with the Registrar’s Office. The number of credits is based on hours of study.

Credit for Academic Study at Nanjing University/Beijing Union University

Step One

Check if the classes you are taking have already been approved. All previously approved study abroad courses appear in an online database from the UO Office of the Registrar Course Equivalency Database. The course title and number must match exactly what is listed in the database for it to qualify as an equivalency.

Step Two

If a class is already on the approved list: For each course, students will see how it applies to UO degrees in terms of course level, general-education requirements, and major/minor requirements. All study abroad programs of ten weeks or more satisfy the IC multicultural requirement. Students who would like to request to apply credits towards major/minor requirements other than what is listed should speak with a departmental advisor.

If a class is not on the pre-approved list: Email the completed Course Description Form, in English and Chinese, to with the subject line “UO Study Abroad Course Approval request.” If the course instructor provided a syllabus, include it with the Course Description Form.

After students’ academic study is complete, the Chinese university will send official transcripts to the Chinese Flagship Program. The Flagship programs sends the transcripts to the Registrar’s Office for processing.

Credit for Internship

Students are eligible to receive 1 credit per 30 hours of work at the internship site. Unless otherwise arranged with the Flagship office, all credit is processed as Study Abroad credit within the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures. Students who wish to receive departmental credit outside of East Asian Languages and Literatures should work with faculty from their home department to receive pre-authorization and secure a faculty member to work with during the credit approval process.

Step One

In the Capstone acceptance packet, students will receive a form to request an American Councils internship transcript. Signing this form will allow American Councils to generate a grade report based on the documentation you and your internship supervisor provide during the internship. Submit all internship reports, evaluations, and other documentation that American Councils requests. The transcript will be issued by Bryn Mawr College. Please follow the instructions from American Councils to request one transcript for the UO Flagship office and one for the UO Registrar. When the registrar receives the transcript, it will be processed as EALL Study Abroad credit unless other arrangements are made. It may take several weeks for Bryn Mawr to produce and mail the transcript. Students are advised to NOT plan on graduating immediately after completing the internship.

 Step Two (Scholarship Recipients Only)

Students who received a non-Flagship scholarship should write a short thank you note to the donors who provided the scholarship. Letters should be addressed to the funding provider and emailed to