Cost of Attendance

The Capstone year abroad is the pinnacle of the University of Chinese Flagship Program. The Capstone year includes two components: an academic study and an internship experience. Within this framework, students are free to create a Capstone experience that matches their interests and career aspirations.

Below are estimated costs for the Capstone year abroad. These estimates are provided to Flagship Programs from American Councils, who coordinates the year abroad, and the University of Oregon’s Global Education Oregon.

There are many financial aid opportunities available for summer study programs, including financial support specifically for UO Flagship students. Please see our page on Study Abroad Scholarships.

Although your program at Nanjing University of Beijing Union University will be on a different academic schedule than the University of Oregon, the UO by law must follow its academic year schedule when applying institutional scholarships and other financial aid into your billing account. Students who withdraw from the Capstone year for any reason will be billed for expenses incurred on their behalf.

In addition to the costs represented below, students who have completed the Capstone have recommended for those to:

  • Bring cash to pay for a hotel before signing a rental contract.
  • Be prepared to pay five to six months upfront for the apartment lease
  • Begin withdrawing funds the day of arrival in China to have sufficient funding for deposits, since most banks limit withdrawals to 2,500 rmb a day
  • Be prepared to pay for a cell phone plan and Internet up front

The chart below itemizes the estimated cost for attending the Nanjing program Capstone Year. Costs for the Beijing Union program are comparable; for details, follow this link.

(Updated December 1, 2016)

Tuition & Program Fees Rate Period Frequency Cost (US Dollars) Explanation
Tuition to Overseas Institution $1,650 Semester 1 $1,650 Tuition to Nanjing University for Flagship courses and direct enrollment
Fees to Overseas Institutions $650 Semester 1 $650 Registration fees to Nanjing University and Nanjing University visa extension service fees
Administrative Fees $402 Academic year 1 $402 Administrative fees to American Councils
UO Tuition and Fees $450 Quarter 3 $1,350 UO study abroad tuition and fees
Cost of Attendance Subtotal $4,052
International Travel, Visa, & Insurance Rate Period Frequency Cost (US Dollars) Explanation
Visa $140 N/A 1 $140 Visa application fees to Chinese embassy
Insurance $60 Month 11 $660 Health insurance. Students may opt for home insurance or AC insurance. Recommended for 11 month coverage to ensure maximum coverage with varying internship end dates.
Visa Health Exam $150 N/A 1 $150 Cost for UO vaccinations and health exam fees
Cost of Attendance Subtotal $950
Lodging Rate Period Frequency Cost (US Dollars) Explanation
Rented apartment $6,500 Monthly 1 $6,500 Apartment in Nanjing ($750/mo for 6 months) and in metro area ($500-800/mo for 4 months)
Utilities $100 Month 10 $1,000 Water, gas, electricity
Cost of Attendance Subtotal $7,500
Estimated Living Expenses Rate Period Frequency Cost (US Dollars) Explanation
Airfare & checked bags $2,300 N/A 1 $2,500 Round-trip airfare US to China
In-country travel & local transportation $1,550 N/A 1 $1,550 In-country travel to internships ($750), local transportation ($80 for 10 months)
Books & Supplies $200 Semester 1 $200 Books and supplies
Food/Meals $4,100 N/A 1 $4,100 Meals in Nanjing ($400/mo for 6 months) and meals in metro area ($425/mo for 4 months)
Residency permit and host university insurance $170, $13 N/A, month 1, 10 $170 + 130 =


Nanjing residency permit and host university insurance as required by China
Internet/Mobile $26 Month 10 $260 Monthly internet and mobile fees
Cost of Attendance Subtotal $8,910
Overall Budget Estimate Rate Period Frequency Cost (US Dollars) Explanation
Cost of Attendance $21,412