The Capstone year abroad is the pinnacle of the University of Chinese Flagship Program. The Capstone year includes two components: an academic study and an internship experience. Within this framework, students are free to create a Capstone experience that matches their interests and career aspirations.

Most students complete the Capstone year abroad during their junior year. Students need to meet eligibility requirements and complete the admissions process. American Councils coordinates the application and selection process, and students complete their Capstone experience at the Nanjing Chinese Flagship Center at Nanjing University.

Academic Study
Students maintain full-time academic status as they enroll in regular classes at Nanjing University. They take regular courses alongside their native Chinese-speaking peers. Students select courses to take based on their majors and interests. Fall students generally attend August through June and Spring students generally attend March through December.

Individualized Internship & Experiential Learning
Toward the end of their Capstone year, students participate in a full-time internship in a business or organization that matches their academic study and career aspirations. Throughout the program, the Flagship Center at Nanjing University coordinates experiential learning opportunities. Students connect with China through organized travel and through service and volunteer projects. Fall students generally complete their internship February through June and Spring students generally complete their internship August through December.

Students live with a Nanjing roommate and tutor who has the same or similar major. This connection with a Chinese-speaking roommate allows students to further explore the language and culture and to make a lifelong friendship.

We recognize that study abroad can be expensive for students and their families. To ensure that all students who are eligible to participate in the Capstone experience can do, the Flagship Program offers two dedicated scholarships to students studying abroad. We also work with students to identify and apply for other scholarship sources. As a result, most students have their Capstone year abroad fully funded.