For more than ten years, the University of Oregon Chinese Flagship Program has been providing students with the opportunity to develop professional-level proficiency in Chinese while studying any academic major of their choice.

Select your own major while learning Chinese

The UO Flagship Program is a certificate program and part of the UO’s Global Scholars Program. Students choose any academic major at the UO that matches their interests and strengths. Most students double major in Chinese and another academic major. Students frequently select internationally focused majors, including business administration, international relations, sociology, anthropology, psychology, the natural sciences, and computer and information sciences.

Flagship’s cross-disciplinary courses, led by the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures, blend language and culture learning with contemporary topics. Students enroll in regular academic courses, taught in Chinese, and receive explicit language instruction.

Upon graduation, Flagship Scholars who reach Superior-level Mandarin Chinese proficiency have the opportunity to earn national certification through The Language Flagship. Students are also encouraged to complete an honors or senior thesis.

Majors of Chinese Flagship Students for AY 2015-16

Explore China through a yearlong study abroad and internship

As juniors and seniors, students study abroad in China for one academic year at Nanjing University, one of China’s elite public institutions. Students direct enroll in courses related to their major, learning side-by-side with Chinese-speaking peers. Students live with a Nanjing roommate who shares the similar interests, and students also engage in cultural activities through travel and service and volunteer projects.

In addition, students then complete a four-month, full-time internship related to their major and career interests. The Nanjing Chinese Flagship Center works with students individually to arrange for internships that fit their professional goals. Students develop a personal understanding of work life in China and network with professionals.

Join a supportive community of faculty, peers, and leaders

The Flagship Program provides a welcoming environment where students are comfortable and feel like they belong. Students become part of a supportive community of Chinese-speaking students and faculty throughout their academic studies. They receive regular mentoring from native Chinese-speaking peers, personalized language instruction, and access to specialized summer programs.

Students also regularly participate in cultural activities with Flagship leaders. Students are eligible to live in the university’s premiere Global Scholars Hall with a floor dedicated to those interested in international issues.

Generous scholarship opportunities available

Students in the Chinese Flagship Program are eligible for generous scholarships throughout their academic learning careers. All Flagship students receive scholarship aid. Incoming students may qualify for the Flagship Incoming Student Award or the Global Scholars Award.

Summer intensive programs are usually fully funded, and most students also have their year abroad fully funded through scholarships and fellowships.

Due to the rigorous nature of the program and students’ commitment to learning, Flagship Scholars are also highly competitive candidates for many prestigious scholarships, such as the Boren Award, Foreign Language Area Studies (FLAS), UO Diversity Excellence, UO Presidential, and other scholarships.



Our Sponsors and Partners

The University of Oregon Flagship Program is sponsored by The Language Flagship, an initiative of the National Security Education Program designed to increase the number of American students graduating from college with professional-level language and cultural competency in critical languages. The University of Oregon and Portland Public Schools are joint recipients of the Oregon Chinese Flagship Program, creating an integrated K-16 language learning model.

The Language Flagship sponsors a total of twelve Chinese Flagship Programs across the country. Each offers unique strengths and, like the UO program, provides undergraduate students with pathways to professional-level proficiency in Chinese alongside academic majors of their choice.