Meet Our Faculty & Staff

photo of Zhuo Jing-SchmidtZhuo Jing-Schmidt
Director, Chinese Flagship Program
Associate Professor Chinese

Professor Zhuo Jing-Schmidt is interested in languages as a window into cognition, emotion and culture and as a barometer of social discourse and societal change. Therefore, her research focus is not linguistic structure and meaning per se, but the conceptual significance, psychological grounding and sociocultural ramifications of language as a tool of communication and a transmitter of culture. Her published work on grammatical constructions, lexical semantics, and pragmatics arises from this central concern. She is committed to empirical research and her data are largely drawn from Chinese.

In addition, Professor Jing-Schmidt conducts corpus-based SLA research with a focus on the acquisition of writing in Chinese across learner backgrounds.

Phone: 541-346-4023
Office: 318 Friendly Hall

Monica Zikpi
Chinese Flagship Coordinator

As the Chinese Flagship Coordinator, Monica plays a large role in creating a welcoming environment where students can thrive. Monica leads student recruitment and student support initiatives. She also supports students’ learning, helps prepare students for their yearlong study abroad program, and develops and implements recruitment strategies.

Monica received a Ph.D. in comparative literature from the University of Oregon in 2014. Specializing in early Chinese poetry, her research focuses on questions of translation and reception history. As a second language learner of Chinese herself, she is familiar with the language acquisition process, including the challenges and rewards of learning Chinese and studying abroad.

Phone: 541-346-1766
Office: Friendly Hall 427 / open office hours W 10-12:00


photo of Rachel DiNittoRachel DiNitto
Department Head, Department of East Asian Languages & Literatures

Rachel DiNitto is department head of East Asian Languages and Literatures and Associate Professor of Japanese Literature. She works on the literary and cultural studies of Japan’s prewar (1910s-1930s), and post-bubble eras (1990-2000s). Professor DiNitto manages a website on contemporary Japanese culture, and is currently working on a new book project, “Writing Fukushima: Literary Voices from Japan’s Disaster” that looks at the literature written after the triple disaster of March 11, 2011.

Before coming to the University of Oregon, Professor DiNitto was at the College of William & Mary where she taught classes on Japanese literature, film, nationalism and contemporary culture, as well as courses on language and translation.

Phone: 541-346-4012
Office: 301 Friendly Hall

photo of Jean WuJean Wu
Academic Director, Chinese Flagship Program  
Senior Instructor of Chinese

Jean Wu’s teaching focuses on Chinese language, Chinese linguistics, and foreign language pedagogy. Her ongoing research involves second language acquisition, pragmatics, comparative linguistics and Chinese curriculum development. She currently teaches Chinese language courses at UO. She is a regular presenter at national and international conferences on Chinese pedagogy and has given numerous talks on the Chinese language and culture. Professor Wu supervises the professional training of Chinese language Graduate Teaching Fellows at UO, and she has guest lectured on teaching effectiveness at Portland State University.

In addition to her role as Coordinator of the Chinese Language Program and Chinese Major Advisor, Professor Wu has served on the Executive Committee at EALL and the China Executive Board of Oregon University System.

She earned her MA in Foreign Language Education from West Virginia University and her Ph.D. in Linguistics from Michigan State University.

Phone: 541-346-4098
Office: 402 Friendly Hall

photo of Weijun ChenWeijun Chen
Senior Instructor of Chinese

Ms. Weijun Chen has been a faculty member in the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures since 2008. She was trained in Chines literature and drama, and her previous teachings including Chinese language courses at all levels. Currently, Ms. Chen teaches Flagship Advanced Chinese as well as Literary Chinese and Chinese Academic Writing.

Phone: 541-346-8501
Office: 172 Gerlinger Annex

photo of Denise GigliottiDenise Gigliotti
Senior Instructor of Chinese

Recipient of the first-ever Tykeson Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching (2015), Ms. Denise Gigliotti has offered her innovative style of pedagogy at the University of Oregon since 2002. A nearly twenty-year veteran in the field, she has taught Chinese language at all levels at three major universities: University of Oregon, Indiana University, and University of California, Los Angeles. Ms. Gigliotti is the author of First-Year Chinese: A Complete Study Guide: A Collection of Examples, Drills, and Exercises for Integrated Chinese Lessons 1-13, published by Kendall Hunt (2013, 2014).

Ms. Gigliotti has embraced the trend of online instruction and given workshops and conference presentations on how to incorporate some of the best of these exciting new resources into an interactive classroom. She became the first educator to create a complete set of online course materials for first-year Chinese on the web platform Top Hat.

Phone: 541-346-3552
Office: 213 Villard Hall

photo of Fengjun MaoFengjun Mao
Senior Instructor of Chinese

Ms. Fengjun Mao currently teaches second-year Chinese as well as Intermediate Language Strategies for the Chinese Flagship Program. Her previous teaching includes Chinese language courses at all levels, business Chinese, media Chinese, and HSK preparatory courses. Ms. Mao trains and supervises Graduate Teaching Fellows and has mentored students from the Second Language Acquisition and Teaching (SLAT) Program.

Phone: 541-346-8501
Office: 172 Gerlinger Annex

photo of Yugen WangYugen Wang
Associate Professor of Chinese Literature

Yugen Wang received his Ph.D. in East Asian Languages and Civilizations from Harvard University in 2005. He also earned an M.A. in Comparative Literature from Peking University in 1995. Before attending Harvard for his doctoral degree, he taught in the Institute of Comparative Literature and Culture and the Chinese Department of Peking University for three years. His primary teaching and research area is classical Chinese poetry and poetics, with a special interest in the emotionality and materiality of reading and writing in the transformational period from the Tang Dynasty to the Song Dynasty.

Phone: 541-346-4148
Office: 304 Friendly Hall