Program Overview

Chinese Flagship students are undergraduate students admitted and accepted into the UO Chinese Flagship Program. Our students are committed to enrolling in at least one Chinese course per term until graduation, attending summer intensive programs (US or China), engaging in Flagship-related activiti

es outside of the classroom, and completing the overseas Capstone study abroad and internship program in China during junior or senior year.

Depending on student proficiency levels and course placement, Chinese Flagship students are identified as two types of students:

  1. Flagship scholars are undergraduate students fully admitted and accepted into the UO Chinese Flagship Program with a proficiency of Intermediate-Mid or higher and are enrolled in Chinese Flagship-specialized courses (CHN 420 or above). Flagship scholars who meet the scholarship criteria are eligible to receive NSEP Flagship international scholarships and the Global Scholars Award domestic scholarship.
  1. Flagship-track students are undergraduates admitted and accepted into the UO Chinese Flagship Program on a provisional basis. Flagship-Track students follow the same admissions and program requirements for Flagship scholars (see Admissions below). Flagship-track students are eligible to receive summer Flagship scholarships at the relevant proficiency of Intermediate-Mid or equivalent of second year and up and must demonstrate evidence of their commitment towards developing Superior-level proficiency (for a full list of eligibility requirements, see Flagship Undergraduate Scholarship Administration). Once students obtain requisite Mandarin proficiency (Intermediate-Mid or above) and enroll in Flagship-specialized courses, they submit an updated application to become a Flagship scholar.

Acceptance Criteria