Incoming students are eligible to receive the Flagship Incoming Student Award and a Global Scholars Award directly from the Flagship Program. These scholarship awards are available as a result of generous donations by Pete and Christina Nickerson.

Flagship Incoming Student Award
All incoming Flagship students are eligible for Global Scholar Awards and Incoming Student Awards. Award amounts, up to $5,000, are determined based on evidence of academic success, commitment to learning Chinese language and culture, and students’ online application essays. Preference is also given to those who graduate from the Portland Public Schools K-12 Chinese Flagship Program, our partner program.

Global Scholars Award
Students who chose to live in the Global Scholars Hall and participate in the Living the Language experience will receive up to $3,000 in tuition remission. The scholarship is intended to help defray the cost of living in the premiere residence hall.

How Do I Apply?
Students do not need to apply for either the Flagship Incoming Student Award or the Global Scholars Award. Flagship Program staff and faculty review each incoming student’s application, and the application is used to determine eligibility and award amount of the Flagship Incoming Student Award. Flagship Program staff work with UO Housing to identify students who have applied to the Flagship Program and applied for housing at the Global Scholars Hall, making them eligible for the Global Scholars Award.

How Will I Know if I Received an Award?
Flagship Program staff notify students who receive the Flagship Incoming Student Award or the Global Scholars Award as part of their acceptance into the program.

How Will I Get My Award?
Award funds will be issued to your UO Student Billing Account at the beginning of fall term. If your billing account has a balance, the award will be applied toward that balance. If there is no balance, the UO Cashier’s Office will issue you a check or direct deposit, if you have direct deposit set up.

Other Flagship Scholarships
Flagship students are eligible for many exclusive scholarships offered by the national Flagship, UO Enrollment Management and other campus partners, and private donors. Please see our scholarships page for more information, and don’t hesitate to be in touch with Flagship faculty and staff if you have questions about merit- and need-based funding opportunities..

Other UO Scholarships
Due to the rigorous nature of the program and students’ commitment to learning, Flagship Scholars are also highly competitive candidates for many prestigious scholarships, such as the UO Diversity Excellence Scholarship, UO Presidential Scholarship, and other scholarships offered through the university.