Summer Study Abroad

Flagship-approved summer programs are just as diverse as our students, allowing students the opportunity to select a program that best matches their interests and strengths. Each program’s content, required proficiency levels, and location provide our students an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Most programs are seven to eight weeks and, in addition to language training, include cultural excursions and community activities.

As part of the Chinese Flagship Program, students need to complete at least one Flagship-approved summer program prior to their Capstone year abroad at Nanjing University. These intensive summer programs allow students the opportunity to boost their language proficiency and cultural awareness.

How Do I Apply?
First, select the Flagship-approved summer program that best matches your proficiency level, desired location, and preferred dates. We encourage you to visit each program’s website to learn more about the summer experience. Follow the application instructions provided on each program’s website, since the application procedures and deadlines vary based on the program.

Most programs are competitive and require students to provide language assessment scores and to receive the endorsement of their Chinese instructor and the Flagship Program.

Second, prior to submitting your application, we encourage you to email us so that we’re aware of your application, can help you through the process, and provide you with information about scholarships to help defray the cost of your summer program.

You will need to work with the Registrar’s office and the Flagship office to transfer your summer credits to the UO. See “How Do I Receive Credit for My Program?” section.

How Much Do the Summer Programs Cost?
The cost for each program varies. There are many financial aid opportunities available for summer study programs, including financial support specifically for UO Flagship students. Please see our page on Study Abroad Scholarships.

How Do I Receive Credit For My Program?
Most Flagship-approved summer programs are considered by the University of Oregon to be non-UO sponsored summer programs, so credit is not transferred automatically. You may work with the Registrar’s Office to transfer credit back to the UO.

CIEE Shanghai: CIEE is a UO sponsored program, so credit for CIEE coursework will be directly articulated onto your UO transcript. Credit awarded is determined by in consultation with Global Education Oregon. Check with your study abroad advisor for more information.

Flagship-approved Summer Programs

Location Program Proficiency Deadline Program Dates Estimated Cost*
Beijing Associated College in China Intermediate & Advanced 2/15/17 6/15/17-8/11/17 $6,900
Beijing Princeton in Beijing At least one year of study 1/15/17 6/23/17-8/19/17 $7,300
Beijing Inter-University Program 2 years of college level rolling admissions- last chance 1/27/17 06/12/17-08/11/17 $6,500
Beijing CET Academic Summer Program Any 3/1/17 6/14/17-8/13/17 $7,290
Harbin CET Academic Summer Program 4 semesters of Chinese 3/1/17 6/14/17-8/13/17 $7,290
Taipei International Chinese Language Program Intermediate-Mid (speaking) 3/15/17 6/17/17-8/11/17 $6,240
Shanghai CIEE 135 hours of college-level First, GEO app by 3/1/17;  then CIEE app by 4/1/17 6/25/17-8/19/17 $7,350
Shanghai UM Chinese Flagship Summer in Shanghai Approaching Intermediate-Mid 2/15/17 5/20/17-7/17/17 $5,260
Kingston, RI Summer Immersion Program Novice-High/Intermediate-Low 3/31/17 5/29/17-7/21/17 $4,925
Bloomington, IN Flagship Chinese Institute Ready for second- and third-year courses 2/15/17 priority 6/2/17-7/28/17 $5,488

As of January 2017, the Middlebury College Summer Intensive Chinese Program is also Flagship-approved. Please find more information about applying here. The application deadline is February 1st.

*Estimated costs include tuition, fees, books, and estimated living expenses, but do not include airfare.